Santander Credit Card Customers Can Earn £100 Cashback

Excellent opportunity for a credit card full of benefits.

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Santander offers a range of credit cards including a dual offer, a fee-free 0% balance transferdeal and a card with perks travelers will enjoy. If they spend at least £500 on a foreign holiday between those dates, they’ll earn 1% cashback on their overseas spending, including on the purchase of hotels, meals out, and holiday activities.

Cashback will be calculated using the sterling value after the transaction has cleared, with the conversion and cashback calculations based on the foreign exchange (FX) rate at the time of purchase. Importantly, when customers are given the option of paying in sterling or local currency, they must choose to pay in local currency to earn the cashback.

  • check_circleTransation Fees: No fee on non-Sterling transactions abroad 3% (min £3) fee on cash transactions (at home and abroad).
  • check_circleEarning Rewards: Earn 0,5% cashback on all eligible purchases.
  • check_circleRetailler Offers: Ongoing access to Retailer offers up to 15% off. 0% on Balance Transfers for 26 mouths (no initial balance transfer fee). 0% on Purchases for up to 20 mouths.
  • check_circleAnual Fee: £36 (£3 monthly fee), APR (variable) 17.9% interest rate on purchases (higher with monthly fee) and 29.9% on cash.
  • check_circleBest for: Those looking for a good multipurpose card with excelent benefits.
  • check_circlePerks: Card holders get 0.5% cashback on all spending. They can also sign up to Santander’s free Retailer Offers scheme, which gives up to 15% cashback from a range of major retailers.

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