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The Woolworths Gold Credit Card is offered to new and existing customers who want to enjoy exclusive benefits offered by the store on affiliated companies and products. The card is marked with a Visa logo, meaning it can be used for purchases that accept payment from the said credit company.

Those who have a Woolworths Gold Credit Card have a lot of advantages. As a result, they will receive 2% of their Woolworths expenses back in quarterly WRewards vouchers.

  • check_circleYou get 2% Back in Woolies Vouchers on all Woolworths Purchases.
  • check_circleUse your Woolworths Gold Credit Card to swipe for purchases internationally wherever you see the visa logo. Interest is charged for all cash advances from the date of the withdrawal until the amount owing is paid.
  • check_circleBasic travel insurance is automatically included if you are under the age of 75 and purchase an international air ticket using your Woolworths Gold Credit Card.
  • check_circleYou get lost card protection against the fraudulent use of both primary and secondary cards.
  • check_circleYou can make larger purchases via the budget facility which allows you to choose the repayment period. Funds from your straight account can be allocated to budget so you can spend payment of R300 over 6 to 60 months.
  • check_circleAs a Woolworths Gold Credit Cardholder, you are automatically part of the Woolworths Rewards Program that offers you lower prices and special benefits.
  • check_circleComprehensive balance protection on your Woolworths Credit Card.
  • check_circle0.75% back on all purchases outside of Woolworths.
  • check_circleQualify for 8 Free additional cards at no extra cost. Everything paid for with these cards will contribute to your Woolworths Vouchers.
  • check_circleMedical and Legal assistance; provides your emirate family with Assistance Services when all traveling together on a journey outside of your principal country of residence for a duration of 90 days.

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